Going to the Videotape

Received by e-mail, author unknown:

MISSING EXPLOSIVES: There were two “must see” news reports on Wednesday night that pretty much clear up the mystery of the missing explosives. The first was on ABC and featured video taken after the fall of Baghdad showing explosives at the Al Qaqaa facility. Let’s go to the videotape.

David Kay was also on television on Wednesday night and summed up the Bush administration’s blunders in Iraq like this: “I think it's important, this loss of 360 tons, but Iraq is awash with tens of thousands of tons of explosives right now in the hands of insurgents because we did not provide the security when we took over the country. Let’s go to the videotape.

What’s Bush going to say on Friday about these revelations? Rudy redux?

ALL HALLIBURTON’S EVE: As the campaign winds down and comes to a close, it seems fitting that Halliburton is back in the news. The fact of the matter is that the Vice-President’s former company has bilked billions from the taxpayers, and driving up costs. It’s fitting that this issue, which has haunted the vice president all year, should return from the grave for one last appearance before the election. Look to see what Edwards does on this on Friday.

BOOK ‘EM DANO: The Halliburton news must really have the Bush campaign spooked. They’re sending Dick Cheney to Hawaii --there’s no better way to keep the Vice-President off of television than putting him on a long flight. In other news, the Bush campaign also upped it ad buy in Arkansas and Colorado. The wheels seem to be coming off coming off the Bush bus.

DOCTOR, DOCTOR: The Bush campaign got caught red-handed doctoring an ad on Thursday and tried to spin its way out of it by saying that it accidentally faked an image. How does one accidentally doctor an ad? In 2000, the word “RATS” didn’t find its way into an ad by mistake. So let’s go to the videotape:

Update: New York Times reports here.

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