Troy Kell, Death Row Prisoner

Who is Troy Kell and why should he be saved? TalkLeft reader Grace Lewis provides this answer:

Troy Kell began paying a steep price for his youthful rage at 18 in a Nevada desert with a life sentence without parole. He was put away with his life oscillating between the banal and the bizarre, existing in a world of repression and violence and racism, a world of killers, rapists, robbers, sexual predators. He continued into this nightmarish existence and, several years down the road, he kills another prisoner, Mr. Lonnie Blackmon, with all the hatred he can bestow.

Both of these prisoners thrown together under these bizarre conditions. - all of the ingredients for a psychic stew designed to deteriorate and erode one's humanity, designed by the State with full knowledge of its effects. Mr. Blackmon certainly deserved better, and through his death we the Citizens can get a good look at what it is like on the inside. His death was not in vain.

Mr. Kell, now backed into a death row corner, the harshest punishment short of death, with solitary confinement, around-the-clock lock-in, no-contact visits, no prison jobs, no educational programs by which to grow, psychiatric treatment facilities designed only to drug you into a coma. He has suffered and will continue to suffer until the day he too shall die...that is certain, and that should be enough. He should not be put to death.

No one should be put to death. As this Sydney Morning Herald editorial stated the other day:

No society grows from its inhumanity; it just diminishes.

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    by jerseychick28 on Wed Mar 26, 2008 at 05:34:56 PM EST
    Last week i saw the documentary "Gladiator Days" Which Bios., Troy Kell's sad, tragic story.  After a very busy week, I still can't get Troy's story out of my mind. So Sad. They documentary showed footage of Troy's original 1986 trial. He and Sandy, his accplist to his crime, looked like small, children almost. And they were, he being 18, she being 15 at the time. For them to be sentenced as a adult first off, and then recieve LWOP. is downright scarry,and makes me feel ashamed at our nations justice system. Sandy (15) was being stalked, persued by a 21+ man who wanted to take nude photos of her, a pedifile. So Kell, in an instanious bad decision shot him dead, so what!!! I mean of all the people that they let out on parole, They keep him lwop. So tragic. He is/was such a beautiful face, such a beautiful boy. When, at the end of the interview, he said"I don't know how long I'm going to live", the raw emotion in his eyes, it was haunting. He should be let out on parole. I firmly believe this. I wish Kell himself could read this, and know that there are people out there who truely feel for his situation, have said a prayer for him and think that he should be set free.

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    by Jeralyn on Tue Aug 25, 2009 at 03:43:24 PM EST