Texecution Proceeds Despite Pleas From Victim's Family

Dominique Green became the 17th Texas inmate to be executed tonight. The victim's family opposed the execution:

In a rare face-to-face session in a Texas prison between a death row inmate and a relative of a murder victim, Andre Lastrapes-Luckett met for 90 minutes Monday with the man convicted of killing his father.

"Texas is going to put a righteous person to die like an animal, putting him on a table, strapping him up, putting those needles in his arms, putting him to sleep," Lastrapes-Luckett said. "We're not dogs. We're human beings just like everybody else. He's a human being, just like me, just like you."

The execution lasted nine minutes.

Green gasped slightly a couple of times as the lethal drugs took effect and was pronounced dead nine minutes late, at 7:59 p.m.

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