New Bush Ad: Signs of Desperation?

What will Team Rove think of next? Bush's latest ad, being broadcast in Spanish in Florida, casts John Kerry as an infidel -- charging that he supports Fidel Castro. The truth, as always, is quite different.

The spot whacks Kerry for voting against the 1996 Helms-Burton Act to beef up sanctions on Cuba, and charges he and the "liberals in Congress ... don't understand what a dictator is."

But Kerry spokesman Phil Singer said Kerry opposed one provision that would have led to frivolous lawsuits. The Bush administration has opposed the same provision. "So now they are taking issue with a provision that they want removed from the law," Singer said.

Cheney is taking a similar tack. Yesterday in Colorado, he accused Kerry of supporting totalitarian regimes.

Saying Kerry opposed weapons systems in the Cold War and voted against chasing Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, Cheney claimed the Soviet Union and Saddam Hussein would be stronger than ever if Kerry got his way.

Team Kerry response:

"The desert heat is making Dick Cheney come unglued," said Kerry spokesman David Wade. "Soon he'll be arguing that John Kerry lost the Battle of Gettysburg and sank the Lusitania."

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