Endorsements Rolling in for Kerry

The editorial endorsements for John Kerry keep rolling in. Several are from papers that endorsed Bush in 2000. Here are a few that stand out:

The Des Moines Register goes with Kerry in a state that is a must win battleground for Bush.

"Yes, Kerry is liberal. But what's to fear from a liberal president? That he would run big deficits? That he would increase federal spending? That he would expand the power of the federal government over individuals' lives? Nothing Kerry could do could top what President Bush has already done in those realms."

Another must read is the Orlando Sentinel which endorsed Bush in 2000. This is important because it is in the Tampa Bay/Orlando corridor which is critical to determining Florida's outcome:

"This president has utterly failed to fulfill our expectations. We turn now to his Democratic challenger, Sen. John Kerry, with the belief that he is more likely to meet the hopes we once held for Mr. Bush.

Our choice was not dictated by partisanship. Already this election season, the Sentinel has endorsed Republican Mel Martinez for the U.S. Senate and four U.S. House Republicans. In 2002, we backed Republican Gov. Jeb Bush for re-election, repeating our endorsement of four years earlier. Indeed, it has been 40 years since the Sentinel endorsed a Democrat -- Lyndon Johnson -- for president."

One disappointment is the Washington Post, whose endorsement of Kerry is tepid at best. To date, our favorite editorial appeared in last week's New York Times - you can read our summary here .

Moving on to Ohio, there is a dust-up in the works at the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The paper's editorial board wants to ensorse Kerry (it endorsed Bush in 2000) but the right wing owner has reversed the decision. A rebellion by the Editors has postponed the endorsement which was to run Sunday.

[hat tip to Fred U.]

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