The Freeway Blogger to Strike Again

Monday, October 25, you can join the Freeway Blogger in promoting "Can You Feel a Draft?" Day.

On October 25th people across the United States will post hand-painted signs on freeway overpasses opposing the reinstatement of the military draft. This nationwide action will occur just ten days after National Freeway Free Speech Day: Driving America to Think, in which more than 700 people posted banners critical of the Iraq War along the nation's highway system.

To see pictures, visit Free Speech Day

The goal of this grassroots effort is to raise public awareness about the potential of a military draft under a second Bush Administration. Another goal is to provide increasing numbers of Americans the opportunity to express themselves directly to their fellow citizens thorough this innovative and accessible form of political outreach. A sign that costs a quarter to make can be seen by tens of thousands of people.

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