Markos of Daily Kos has a BlogPAC update. Kick in a few bucks if you can:

BlogPAC is making one last final push in the last 10 days of the election. (Click here to contribute.)

....Yesterday we launched our Draft campaign. The campaign has two components. First is the online advertising effort, which is running across Ohio on Yahoo sports. We'll expand that effort into sites targetting college students and mothers if we can raise another $10,000 in the next week.

We have also launched EnjoyTheDraft.com, a parody site that has been getting a great deal of viral distribution already. ...Enjoy the Draft is our first foray outside of simple online advertising. There'll be more efforts of those sorts in the coming years as we seek to find ways to use the web and technology to support our candidates.

BlogPAC continues to run online ads in the Dallas market targetting Republican Pete Session's "flippant and callous" attitude toward the Iraq War. And, it has matched an ad buy for Oklahoma's Tom Coburn on NewsOK.com. You can view the ad on Yahoo in both the Tulsa and Oklahoma City markets.

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