Charles Graner Abuse Trial Set

Former Abu Ghraib prison guard Charles Graner has been ordered to stand trial on abuse charges on January 7. Graner makes the rest of them look like mild. This will be the trial to watch. According to Lynndie England, :

Graner, with whom she is now pregnant, applied needle and thread to prisoners after beating them. "Cpl. Graner would personally stitch up detainees if the wound weren't too bad," she said. "He would take pictures of his work. One particular incident Cpl. Graner ran a former Iraqi general into a wall and split his lip. Cpl. Graner stitched up his lip."

He sounds like one, sadistic creep.

Graner, of Uniontown, Pa., has been accused of jumping on several detainees as they were piled on the floor. He is also charged with stomping the hands and bare feet of several prisoners and punching one inmate in the temple so hard that he lost consciousness. He also faces adultery charges for having sex with [PFC Lynndie] England last October. He could receive 24 1/2 years in jail, forfeiture of pay, reduction in rank, and a dishonorable discharge.

How did he even get the job with this past record of abuse allegations? And these allegations?

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