Who Will Get the Doper Vote?

Jules Siegal at Alternet examines Bush v. Kerry on drug war issues. He points out correctly that the conservatives and libertarians have been calling for reform of drug laws more loudly than leftist democrats.

First, a suggestion for Kerry, which of course, he won't follow:

Many anti-drug war activists in forums such as DrugWar.com plan either to vote for Nader or abstain because Kerry is just another cop, even though he's softened his positions on drug enforcement since the campaign began. These are outspoken opinion leaders with very effective media information programs. Any convincing statement of sympathy would instantly move them.

Kerry could come out for a complete review of all drug policy issues by a blue ribbon panel of renowned experts. He needn't demand legalization, decriminalization or any other specific action. If asked, he would answer that he wants to know the facts before offering any positions.

But, in the final analysis, that shouldn't matter. Here's what does matter:

Who will appoint the judiciary, including as many as three Supreme Court justices? The Supreme Court can legalize marijuana by fiat. Think of it – no negotiations and tortured lobbying, but genuine experts expounding on the facts, constrained by rules of evidence.

Pick one: Bush or Kerry. Which candidate is most likely to name judges who will interpret the Constitution of the United States according to facts in evidence rather than DEA propaganda?

Plus, John Kerry favors medical marijauna. He would stop Ashcroft's raids on marijuna clubs. We're convinced. We're voting for Kerry.

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