Maryland's System May Cause Voting Problems for Ex-Offenders

Maryland is a state that allows some ex-offenders to vote. According to a new ACLU report, its system is seriously flawed and may block some of those who are eligible to vote:

... the ACLU report shows that states differ widely in how they determine when convicted felons should be allowed to vote. Only two states, Maine and Vermont, allow felons to vote while in prison. The report criticized Maryland's system as cumbersome, and prone to inconsistencies and errors.

"In other states, you get something in the mail that says you are off the book, you are eligible to vote," said Amy Cruice, community organizer for the ACLU of Maryland. "It's more clear when you are done with your sentence. Here we have nothing."

Here is a map showing how the states differ on felon voting. The report is here.

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