Voter Scam: Philly Students' Party Affiliation Switched

As part of a voter scam in Philadelphia, college students have had their party affiliations switched:

Calling for the legalization of marijuana can have an unintended side effect, students at Montgomery County Community College are finding out. It can turn you into a Republican. County elections officials confirmed yesterday that an undetermined number of students had their voter registration switched to Republican when they signed a petition supporting the legalization of medicinal marijuana in September.

"I felt filthy," said Democrat Micah Edwards, 18, of Glenside, when he learned what had happened.

And how about this?: At least two Ohio voters have received absentee ballots without John Kerry's name on them. [via Left I on the News.]

Here are five ways the election could end up in court again. And from Independent Media TV , Any Means Necessary: The War Against African-American Voters.

Update: Skippy follows the Nevada shenanigans.

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