Voting Problems Occurring in Florida

Early voting in Florida began today. Within one hour, problems began. Armies of lawyers are on hand and and already heading to court.

I hope no one has forgotten what happened in 2000 and how the Republicans and the Supreme Court stole the election from Al Gore.

TalkLeft was not a blog in those days, but it did provide daily coverage of election news. I have combined the coverage into one page, 2000 Recap, and think that it will be a valuable resource for bloggers and journalists looking for comparisons between 2000 and 2004.

The page is divided into sections: Election Day to Concession Day news, Post Concession Day News (only one article of interest there), Opeds (all from the Democrats point of view), Humor (just two funny pieces, still relevant today) and Court Documents.

Amazingly, almost all of the links still work. I'm not sure how long the page will stay up as some may disagree with my "fair use" statement, so use it and save what you want while it's still available.

Bottom Line: Re-acquaint yourselves with what happened in Florida in 2000, broadcast it and make it more difficult for it to happen again.

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