Homeland Insecurity

by TChris

TalkLeft commented yesterday that the TSA has plenty of money to party even as it fails to fund the inspection of cargo entering our nation's ports and airports. The TSA's misplaced priorities are made evident by a brief report that its Inspector General released yesterday.

Inspector General Clark Kent Ervin began the review of customs and border protection procedures at the request of House Democrats after ABC News twice successfully shipped about 15 pounds of depleted uranium into the country in cargo containers.

"Improvements are needed in the inspection process to ensure that weapons of mass destruction or other implements of terror do not gain access to the U.S. through oceangoing cargo containers," according to the four-page report made public yesterday.

Rep. Jim Turner complains that Ervin's short report lacked a "key recommendation" for correcting the problems. Here's one: spend less money on parties and self-promotion and more on homeland security.

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