Younger Voters Should Be Wary of Bush

Natasha of Pacific Views shares her reaction to Bush's debate statements. She's right about his clearly stated intent not to provide financial protection for our youth:

The president was smiling like it hurt, taking it out on the podium, and it appeared at the beginning, foaming at the mouth. Selected Bush quotes from tonight's debate:

"We'll honor our commitments to senior citizens. But for [younger people] we need to have a different strategy."

Ha ha. Now that I've stopped laughing, I realize that Bush thinks commitments to seniors should be honored, but not commitments to people who aren't. Not being a senior, I resent that.

Natasha has a response for Bush.

In his closing statement, Bush said to the country that "We've been through a lot together over the last three, three and a half years." An ex of mine said virtually the same thing, also after some years of being through a lot of fiscal irresponsibility, dictatorial behavior, and grand, glorious promises that were never kept. To the president, I'd say about the same thing I said then:

We sure have been through a lot. And I've had enough.

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