National Security Scholars Give Bush an 'F'

Security Scholars for a Sensible Foreign Policy includes more than 650 foreign affairs specialists in the United States and allied countries. They have signed an open letter opposing the Bush administration's foreign policy and calling urgently for a change of course. From their announcement:

The letter asserts that current U.S. foreign policy harms the struggle against Islamist terrorists, pointing to a series of "blunders" by the Bush team in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. "We're advising the administration, which is already in a deep hole, to stop digging," said Professor Richard Samuels of M.I.T.

The scholars who signed the letter are from over 150 colleges and universities in 40 states, from California to Florida, Texas to Maine. They include many of the nation's most prominent experts on world politics, including former staff members at the Pentagon, the State Department and the National Security Council, as well as six of the last seven Presidents of the American Political Science Association.

"I think it is telling that so many specialists on international relations, who rarely agree on anything, are unified in their position on the high costs that the U.S. is incurring from this war," said Professor Robert Keohane of Duke University.

The text of the letter, a list of signers and details about the group are available here. Bonassasus blog adds some context.

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