Conservative Broadcast Network Orders Airing of Anti-Kerry Film

Sinclair is a conservative broadcasting group that owns 62 television stations across the country, many in swing states. The stations reach 25 % of the American viewing public. The Los Angeles Times reports the company has ordered its stations to air an Anti-Kerry Film on the eve of the election. Regular programming will be pre-empted.

Sinclair has told its stations — many of them in political swing states such as Ohio and Florida — to air "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal," sources said. The film, funded by Pennsylvania veterans and produced by a veteran and former Washington Times reporter, features former POWs accusing Kerry — a decorated Navy veteran turned war protester — of worsening their ordeal by prolonging the war. Sinclair will preempt regular prime-time programming from the networks to show the film, which may be classified as news programming, according to TV executives familiar with the plan.

...It's not the American way for powerful corporations to strong-arm local broadcasters to air lies promoting a political agenda," said David Wade, a spokesman for the Democratic nominee's campaign. "It's beyond yellow journalism; it's a smear bankrolled by Republican money, and I don't think Americans will stand for it."

Viewers who get Sinclair channels should lodge a protest of this attempt by Republican supporters to hijack the vote. These stations are on network tv, not cable, and their reach is huge. Republican efforts to justify the airing by pointing out plans of Michael Moore and Sundance to air parts of Fahrenheit 9/11 are inapt because Moore and Sundance are not in the same league as Sinclair, and because cable isn't subject to the same FCC rules.

Representatives of Michael Moore's anti-Bush "Fahrenheit 9/11," which has grossed $214 million worldwide, are in talks for a deal to make the film available on pay-per-view cable the night before the election. The Sundance Channel plans to air live clips Monday from the anti-Bush "Vote for Change" rock concert.

Even more riduclous, Sinclair may try and claim it is exempt from equal time rules because the anti-Kerry film is "news."

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