Who Won Tonight's Debate?

John Kerry won, hands down. He had concrete answers. He was Presidential. He showed his knowledge and exposed Bush's mistakes.

Bush was defensive, belligerant and condescending at times. He keeps playing up the fear factor. He doesn't get it. He's detached. He's scary.

Your thoughts?

Update: Media Spin

  • Chris Matthews: Biased for Bush, again.
  • Bill Kristol and Mort Kondrake on Fox: Both said Kerry won the debate.
  • Bill Clinton: Hillary says Bill says Kerry hit it out of the park. (She's on Larry King Live.)
  • Hillary: Bush couldn't think of anything he did wrong, he didn't have a plan, particularly for change, and everyone knows we need change. Race will be close, but Kerry will win. Kerry was clear winner tonight, President said same old-same old.


ABC POLL: Who Won The Debate:
Kerry: 44%
Bush: 41%

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