Cheney's 'Senator Gone' Comment: One Lone Voice

We wrote and deleted a post a while ago about Cheney's 'Senator Gone' comment. While Lexis.com has no mention of anyone other than a local Republican party chairwoman making the comment, we later found it via Google in an editorial in a local North Carolina newspaper. Since the deleted post may show up in cached versions, just letting you know.

Cheney's comment: "You're hometown newspaper has taken to calling you "Senator Gone."

Editor and Publisher.com reports that it's debatable whether the paper,a small one in Moore County, North Carolina, published three times a week, is really Edwards hometown paper. As a child, Edwards lived in a town in Moore county. Since adulthood, for decades, he has lived in Raleigh. Further, E & P notes,

The June 25, 2003, editorial also included the following: "Members of the senator's staff point out that Edwards' attendance record this year has been better than the other three Demcoratic senators who are campaigning for president--Joe Lieberman, Richad Gephardt and Bob Graham. And the aides also say none of the votes Edswards missed was close, so his presence on the floor would not have changed the outcome."

The paper explains its comment here.

Atrios notes on a related exaggeration:

Then he bragged about being the presiding officer of the Senate, and being there most Tuesdays, even though he's only acted as the presiding officer on two Tuesdays.

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