Rush Limbaugh Loses Medical Records Appeal

A Florida state appeals court has ruled that Rush Limbaugh's records were properly seized.

Investigators raided the offices of Limbaugh's doctors seeking information on whether the conservative commentator illegally tried to buy prescription painkillers. Limbaugh, 53, has not been charged with a crime and the investigation had been at a standstill pending a decision on the medical records. "We hold that the constitutional right of privacy in medical records is not implicated by the State's seizure and review of medical records under a valid search warrant without prior notice or hearing," the 4th District Court of Appeal ruled. Chief Judge Gary M. Farmer wrote the opinion.

Is Rush being treated differently than other celebrity drug users who usually slip away into treatment without the cops all over them? It's hard to work up a lot of sympathy or righteous indignation for him or his predicament. On the other hand, I totally support his legal position. Background here and here.

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