Who Won?

Update: Houston Chronicle (Bush country):
10:40 pm, 6025 votes
Vice President Dick Cheney: 11%
Sen. John Edwards: 88%
It was a draw: 1%
Total Votes: 6025

Update: 9:15 pm, MSNBC poll:

Who won the debate? 323145 responses

Sen. John Edwards 71%
VP Dick Cheney 29%

CBS:CBS News tracked the reactions to tonight's vice-presidential debate of a nationwide panel of 169 uncommitted voters - voters who could change their minds before Election Day. Here are the initial results. This scientific poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 7 percentage points:

  • By 41% to 29%, uncommitted debate watchers say Edwards won the debate tonight.

Original Post

Here's why I can't watch the early spin. They are on another planet. C-SpanII went to MSNBC and Chris Matthews who immediately proclaimed Cheney the winner. What? Cheney was dour, insulting, arrogant and rigid in his misguided positions. He can't admit the Administration's mistakes. Or his own flip-flops.

There can be a fine line between experience and "set in your ways". Like I said last night, if Dick Gephardt was your father's Oldsmobile, Dick Cheney is your grandfather's model T.

I don't think voters will buy Cheney's shtick. Particularly younger ones.

More reaction:

Andrew Sullivan (Conservative):

Boy was I ever wrong. If last Thursday night's debate was an assisted suicide for president Bush, this debate - just concluded - was a car wreck. And Cheney was road-kill. There were times when it was so overwhelming a debate victory for Edwards that I had to look away. I have to do C-SPAN now, but stay tuned for more post-debate blogging in a little while.

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