Kerry's Debate Boost

Bloomberg News analyzes the boost in the polls Kerry received from the debate.

Democratic challenger John Kerry may get a lift in the polls, judging by the responses of undecided voters who said he dominated his first debate with President George W. Bush. Instant polls by the Gallup Organization, ABC News and CBS News immediately after Thursday night's debate found Kerry ahead by as much as 16 percentage points on the question of who won the encounter. Five of the 18 voters in the focus group by Republican pollster Frank Luntz said they moved from undecided to supporting Kerry, Luntz said in a press release. None switched to Bush.

Dave Cullen of Conclusive Evidence takes a closer look and says the results are even more impressive for Kerry:

We have all been celebrating because Kerry won by 10-20 points, which is astounding, of course. But that includes hard-core Rs who see everything through rightwing eyes, and would call Bush the winner if he sat on the floor slurping oatmeal for 90 minutes.

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