Bush's Non-Sequitur Debate Comments

While live-blogging during the debate, I made the observation:

Bush is petulant. He's impatient. He interrupted once when he saw time was up and another time said "let me finish" when no one had interrupted him. Bush's mouth is dry, he's licking his lips. He's also too fidgety. [emphasis supplied.]

Others are now making the same observation, wondering if Bush had an earpiece in and was responding to Rove or whomever was instructing him. Listen to the mp3 yourself- or watch the video at c-span --fast forward to 40 min 30 sec.

The debate isn't the first time Bush watchers have asked the question. See also, here

Update: Digby has a picture up of the back of Bush's jacket during the debate, and notes some are saying it looks like a wire running up the back of his jacket.

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