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TalkLeft was dysfunctional for some hours today when good samaritan Mike Ditto converted the archives to Movable Type's dynamic pages ....it's way too technical for me, all I know is it didn't work--probably because TalkLeft gets too much traffic for the cpu, memory capacity and MySQL capacity of the server we're on. So, we're back to static pages. A big thanks to Mike who successfully converted the site to php, only to have to change it back when it was too much for the server.

Mike asks,

does anybody have any suggestions as far as an implementation strategy that would prevent MovableType from maxing out the 500 connection limit set in MySQL? I'm thinking there has to be some kind of connection pooling or queuing mechanism built in that I have overlooked, because MovableType is used on hundreds of very high traffic sites. I would have a hard time believing that it would ship with this new feature that didn't have some solid way of handling these sites.

You can leave a comment here or email mike (mike@mikeditto.com)


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