Open Thread: Monday Debate

Bump and Update: Let's all blog live during the debate and after. Use the comments to this thread to expose Bush's lies and debunk the Republican spin from the debate. Don't wait for me, just jump on it.

Don't forget to visit Rapid Reblogger. Also, a wiki has been set up at whoarethey.org.

Bump and Update: You can watch the debate live on the internet on C-span, here is the direct link. After the debate, the transcript will be available here.

Original Post

Here's an open thread to discuss tonight's debate. It's the news of the day, so barring something big, TalkLeft will stick with this topic until tomorrow.

The Republicans are geared up for rapid response on the internet. Dems need to be as well.

[Note: New information and link:] Oliver Willis Update: and Adam Mordecai from ChangeforAmerica have set up Rapid Reblog to sift through blogs covering the debate and tips in two categories, Debunking RNC spin and Factchecking Bush's lies. There are three RSS feeds and javascript code so you can get the headlines for all three on your blog.

Tonight, for the debate, we are going to have a network of bloggers, ready to fact check every single thing George says. The RNC is going to have live debunking, and we are going to have a feed devoted to specifically debunk their debunking. If you would like to syndicate tonights events on your site, please use one of the below feeds. We also are providing javascript versions for those of you who prefer html.

Talent Show has a list of quotes from the Senate floor, op-eds, press releases, and speeches from Kerry that mostly covers the period between Sept. 2002-2003.

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