Bush's First Two Misstatements

Bush's first two misstatements:

75% of known Al Qaida leaders have been apprehended.

America is safer with Saddam in a prison cell.

1. Note the use of the qualifier "known"
2. Iraqis may be are safer, not Americans [edited after reading comments]


3. We've kept wmd's out of the hands of al Qaida

How and when did we do that?

4. The mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is in a prison cell.

He is being held outside the U.S. where he reportedly has been tortured to make him give up information ...whether or not he's the mastermind and anything else he or other prisoners interrogated under torturous conditions have said may or may not be true.

Update: CNN just called Bush on the carpet for saying 75% of known al Qaida have been captured. Misleading.

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