Temperments During Debate

Kerry is relaxed and sure of himself. Bush is acting wierd, he keeps grimacing and looking around in the air. Kerry is getting good digs in. He's not being insulting but he's taking all available shots.

How do you think they acted?

Update: Bush is petulant. He's impatient. He interrupted once when he saw time was up and another time said "let me finish" when no one had interrupted him. Bush's mouth is dry, he's licking his lips. He's also too fidgety.

One Hour Update: Kerry has been confident, strong, articulate, and on point the entire time.

Update: Bush was finally honest and articulate on an issue: His praise for John Kerry's character. He avoided personal slams.

8:20. Bush is distracted, his train of thought isn't there. He's tripping over too many words and it seems like he's groping not just for words, but for whole thoughts. Too many pauses.

Closing: Bush has to be reading from a teleprompter for his closing. He's fluent for the first time all night. And his facial expressions are practiced and nuanced to fit the cadence of his speech. What a difference. He can't do it without a script.

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