George Soros Embarks on New Campaign to Defeat Bush

George Soros is a wealthy man. The 24th richest person in the U.S., he has spent $18 million of his own money so far to see that Bush is defeated in November. Why? Here's a portion of the speech he gave Tuesday at the National Press Club in Washington criticizing President Bush's policies on Iraq and the war on terror. (received via e-mail.)

President Bush inadvertently played right into the hands of bin Laden. The invasion of Afghanistan was justified: that was where bin Laden lived and al Qaeda had its training camps. The invasion of Iraq was not similarly justified. It was President Bush's unintended gift to bin Laden.

War and occupation create innocent victims. We count the body bags of American soldiers; there have been more than 1000 in Iraq. The rest of the world also looks at the Iraqis who get killed daily. There have been 20 times more. Some were trying to kill our soldiers; far too many were totally innocent, including many women and children. Every innocent death helps the terrorists' cause by stirring anger against America and bringing them potential recruits.

Mr. Soros is not stopping there. He is now embarking on a multi-city tour and investing in a website and ads designed to elicit debate on Iraq and the War on Terror in his continued effort to see that Bush is defeated in November. Joining him for the campaign kick-off is General Wesley Clark.

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