The Supreme Court's Future: Why Your Vote Counts

People for the American Way (PFAW) have a new campaign, Four More Years or Forty More Years? It's talking points...and has an animated video section, Flash the Court. There's a contest going so if you think you can create a better flash on the subject, go ahead.

Voters need to understand how critical this election is to their future, and the future of their children:

With four of the nine Supreme Court justices over the age of 70, and with several having alluded to retirement or dealing with ailing health, the victor on November 2 will almost certainly have the chance to name two or more new justices to the U.S. Supreme Court. These days, most of the important decisions are decided by a slim margin, and even a single additional far-right vote on that small court could overturn decades of social justice progress -- and block new progressive legislation.

Tell your friends all about the thread by which our civil liberties are hanging in the High Court. Remind them that a Supreme Court justice serves for life -- not just four years. Talk about work-place and corporate regulations that could change overnight with a new Court. Make sure that when you talk to other voters about the Supreme Court and November 2 decision-making, you mention that President Bush has cited the Court's most extreme justices as his models for future appointments.

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