Congresswoman Warns of Draft Reinstatement

Congresswoman Diana DeGette(D-Colo.)is warning that the Administration is pushing towards the return of the draft:

"The American people are going to have to realize that if the Bush administration is going to push 'pre-emption,' we're going to have to reinstate the draft," Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., said at a news conference in Denver. "I'm just trying to be realistic. We're already stretched with our ventures in Afghanistan and Iraq."

DeGette has called for a Congressional investigation into the Administration's "stop loss" orders, which tell a soldier about to be done with his duty that if he doesn't reinlist, he will be sent to Iraq to finish out his service.

"Soldiers who served honorably, fought in Iraq and are near the end of their service should not be threatened with impressment," DeGette said. "How widespread is this? How high does this go in the Pentagon?"

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