Henley and Frey Benefit for Ken Salazar Tuesday

If you're an Eagles fan, or a Don Henley, Glenn Frey or Timothy B. Schmidt fan, or a Big Head Todd and the Monsters fan, or even a Leo Kottke fan, the place to be Tuesday night is a benefit for Democratic senate candidate Ken Salazar in Denver. It's at the Fillmore, tickets are $100 each, no assigned seating (actually it's stand-up except for a few mega-donors who are paying $1,000 a ticket.)

I just picked up my tickets, there are still some left. There were some massive trucks the size of houses outside the Fillmore with shiny, new red cabs attached that were imprinted with the name of a theatrical lighting and equipment company in Chicago. It's a fun venue and probably one of the smallest they've played recently.

Here's an interview with Don Henley from Sunday's Denver Post on why he's doing the fundraiser for Salazar.

Henley's support for Salazar came as a surprise to some when the $100-a-seat concert was announced a few weeks ago, especially since this is the only benefit the singer is doing for a U.S. Senate candidate this year. But Henley points out that, "We simply chose to do a benefit for a Senate candidate from Colorado because of our long-standing ties with the state."

When it comes to Salazar, Henley said he feels a deep connection with the attorney general, not only because of their shared environmental views but also because their family backgrounds are similar. "Mr. Salazar, as you probably know, grew up in Colorado's San Luis Valley," Henley wrote. "As a member of the fifth generation of a family that made its living from the land, I have a similar family history going back several generations."

....Mr. Salazar and I have a mutual respect that goes back many years," Henley wrote. "He has followed my musical career, and I have followed his political ascent dating all the way from his days as an environmental lawyer and his service to the state of Colorado as Gov. Roy Romer's chief legal counsel.

Henley, for those of you not familiar with his life outside of being an Eagle and solo musician, is a relentless Environmentalist--Walden Woods is one example. Frey too has a long history of contribution, for Aspen Youth Experience (formerly called Aspen Grassroots, a youth-at-risk empowering organization), Mountain Restoration and other charities. He donated a lot of money to North Carolina Sen. John Edwards when Edwards was seeking the Democratic nomination for president.

More on Henley's politics from the Post:

Aside from the environment, Henley is also concerned about the war in Iraq ("all the latest indicators show that we are losing ground"), health care ("especially for children and the elderly") and the growing deficit, "which has reached mind-boggling proportions," he wrote.

"The tens of billions of dollars we are spending on this war - a war that, as people seem to have conveniently forgotten, was originally targeted at a regime which had nothing to do with the tragedies of 9/11 - could be much more productively spent on salvaging our failing public school systems and reforming our corrupt, chaotic health-care system."

Henley says he'll be singing, not campaigning, during the benefit. I hope he does "Democracy" and "Dirty Laundry" and "Everybody Knows" From Frey....Smuggler's Blues would be cool. And any and all Eagles songs in between.

Now, if Henley would only respond to my request for a TalkLeft interview...

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