Freeway Blogger Issues Challenge

Freeway Blogger has issued a challenge to those of us in Arizona, News Mexico and Colorado:

Here's My Offer: I'll match every sign you put up in your state with three of my own. If Arizona sends me pictures of 25 signs, I'll go there and put up 75. Same for you New Mexico. You too Colorado. This offer valid for hand-painted signs only.

As citizens of swing states, please bear in mind that the point here is to win people over, not put them off, so let's try and soft pedal the "Bush = Hitler" stuff, okay? (There'll be plenty of time for that after he cancels the election and declares martial law.)
Remember, the only difference between me and the rest of you is cardboard, paint, and a willingness to use them, and I think we can all agree that that's not very much of a difference. This offer expires October 15th.

Link via Colorado Luis who replies:

I know there has been some freewayblogging on the Boulder Turnpike, but let's see if we can expand the coverage a bit. I'll bet the T-Rex zone has lots of good opportunities for freewayblogging. Or how about that pedestrian overpass above I-25 right around Colorado College in the Springs? The only limit is your creativity . . .

Colorado Springs....if only Vodka Pundit was on our side.

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