Burkett Seeks Lawyer to Sue CBS

Anyone know a good defamation lawyer? Bill Burkett wants to go after CBS and Dan Rather for damages. His first lawyer feels conflicted due to having negotiated with CBS and his second lawyer feels the stress of such a case would be too damaging to his medical condition.

Calling Lin Wood. Nope, no relief there.

Lin Wood of Atlanta, who represented former Olympic Games security guard Richard Jewell in a successful defamation suit against several news organizations, said yesterday that he had declined a request from Quintanilla to take the Burkett case. Wood pleaded "time constraints" as well as his "high regard for CBS News."

"It appears highly questionable that he has a legitimate defamation claim" against CBS, said Wood, noting that his opinion was based on news reports about the case rather than privileged information.

Lin Wood successfully represented John and Patsy Ramsey in several libel suits. He is now representing the accuser of Kobe Bryant in her suit against the basketball star. He likes publicity. He doesn't hesitate to represent unpopular clients.

Maybe Burkett should write a book on Rathergate and how he was misrepresented in the media and his impressions of Bush's guard service. He'd probably get an advance and offers of a ghost writer. That is probably more than he'd get in a lawsuit.

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