Say Hello: A Campaign Browser Toolbar

Say hello to the Election Toolbar:

Vote121 is an innovative new browser toolbar that brings all the latest campaign news and opinion straight to your browser. Without interrupting your normal browsing routine, you can learn more about the presidential candidates, get an active countdown to the election and an up-to-the-minute display of the projected election results – and it’s all free! Go here to install the The Vote121 Toolbar

What will you get?

The free Vote121 Toolbar, which is compatible with every Microsoft Windows computer running Internet Explorer 5 or higher, gives users instant access to campaign news from the most popular news sources like CNN (TWX), the Washington Post (WPO), MSNBC (MSFT), the New York Times (NYT) and NPR, as well as the candidates' themselves. It compliments those sources with cutting-edge bloggers, such as 'Talk Left,' 'Little Green Footballs,' 'Andrew Sullivan,' and the DailyKos. Independent sources such as 'Spinsanity,' 'OpenSecrets,' 'Fact Check,' and 'Command Post's' fact-checking "wiki" provide voters a better opportunity to form their own opinions and check the candidates against both hard facts and pundits from a full spectrum of sources.

The key feature of the toolbar is access to web-syndicated columnists, news sources and commentary with Really Simple Syndication (RSS), which allows users to see the headlines from dozens of sites without leaving the web page they're visiting. Users can check quickly for updated news stories, and instantly compare a candidate's message to the pundits' critiques.

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