Kicked Protester May Seek Legal Action

The authorities may not be interested in charging the young man at the Republican convention who kicked a protester as she lay on the floor restrained by Secret Service Agents, but the protester is contemplating legal action against her kicker.

Clare Martin, 26, of Berkeley, Calif., said yesterday that she has not ruled out any options against the young man who kicked her while she was being detained by Secret Service and security detail at Madison Square Garden on the morning of Sept. 1. "We're considering our options," Martin said. "Pressing charges is definitely one of

Campaign Extra!, the blog of the Philly News, has more on Scott Robinson, who some have identified as the kicker. The blog has a picture of a Protest Warrior rally in D.C., and asks whether the protester on the right doesn't strongly resemble Scott Robinson.

In an e-mail to TalkLeft, and in a telephone conversation with Julian Sanchez of Reason Magazine, Mr. Robinson denied being the kicker. To date, there has been no definitive identification of the kicker.

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