Selective Service Proposed Draft Plan Document

Here is the official document (pdf) calling for a reinsatement of the draft--for men and women--ages 18-34, not just to those who might qualify for active military duty, but for those with skills the Government finds helpful in war--linguists, medical workers, etc. Just about everyone.

Note this has nothing to do with bills to reinstate the draft by Democrats like Charlie Rangel that made headlines two years ago. This is the Bush Administration at work--its representatives on the Selective Service System (SSS).

The document was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request by a poster to Democracy Underground, going by the name of Will Winn. It has been republished by Blatent Truth. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has reported on it a few times, including here.

As we wrote here, this is very scary. You should email a copy to your local college papers and to every young person you know. Read Blatant Truth and Seeing the Forest for more details. And remember, John Edwards has said there will be no draft under Kerry-Edwards.

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