Poll: Salazar Ahead of Coors in Colorado

The Rocky Mountain News reports:

Fifty-three percent of the 500 registered Colorado voters surveyed picked Salazar as their preferred Senate candidate against 42 percent who said Coors. Only 4 percent of the voters said they were undecided. The poll showed Salazar winning the Hispanic and rural vote -- critical voters blocs in the upcoming election.

Colorado Luis reports on how critical Colorado Springs will be fore the presidential election --and how Colorado Springs for Kerry could make a difference.

They're looking for volunteers to help spread the word in that part of the state, which perhaps more than anywhere else could use a good dose of the message that Bush is not guaranteed victory in Colorado this November. You could end up helping to swing one of the most important battlegrounds in the country to Kerry.

Some more good news...Colorado's Democratic congressional candidates have raised twice as much money as their Republican opponents. It's due to a new kind of campaign financing called "small donor committees." Republicans are not amused.

Most of the fund-raising advantage comes from a new type of committee created under campaign finance reform, called small-donor committees, that can contribute 10 times the limits other donors face.
As a result, more than $300,000 has poured into state legislative races and party committees from these groups, almost all of them formed by labor unions and almost all of the money going to Democrats.

Update: The New York Times reports on another Colorado race--that of Eagle County prosecutor Mark Hurlbert, best known as the Kobe Bryant prosecutor who dropped the case on the eve of trial, after the county spent $400,000 on the prosecution. Hurlbert's challenger is a former public defender, Bruce Brown.

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