Inmates to Receive Access to Computerized Legal Research

In an innovative solution to a growing problem of providing inmates with thir right to access legal materials, Lexis-Nexis has partnered-up with a company called Touch Sonic Technologies to create legal research kiosks for inmates. From a press release we received not long ago:

As part of LN focus on the state corrections market, LexisNexis and Touch Sonic Technologies® launched a new legal information kiosk that will change the way prisons comply with court mandates requiring inmate access to the law. The new wall-mounted kiosks with shatterproof touch screens in corrections facilities have already been installed in Hawaii and Riverside County, California.

The kiosks, called the TSTLL, were developed specifically for prisons by Touch Sonic Technologies and feature legal research from LexisNexis. Most prison libraries offer legal books, which can be damaged or lost, and are quickly outdated. With these kiosks, corrections departments are expected to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on costly law books, while offering comprehensive and current legal information to inmates. States also stand to save money with fewer prisoner complaints about lack of access to legal research, which comprise substantial numbers of the inmate lawsuits filed.

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