Kerry Blames Bush for Expiration of Assault Weapons Ban

TalkLeft does not support the renewal of the assault weapons ban. No matter how you view terrorism, the drug war or street violence, stripping citizens of 200 years of civil liberties is not the answer. However, if you disagree with us, then John Kerry is correct, you should be blaming Bush.

Democrat John Kerry rebuked President Bush on Monday for letting a ban on assault weapons expire and said his Republican rival paid for tax cuts by taking police off the streets and slashing anti-drug programs. The Democratic nominee, who will face Bush in the Nov. 2 election, said the president had chosen "his powerful and well-connected friends" in a secret deal with the gun lobby over the police officers and families he promised to protect.

"Ten years ago today, with the leadership of police officers all over the country, we passed a tough crime bill to protect America," the Massachusetts senator told supporters at the Thurgood Marshall Center. "We made sure, in a tough fight, that criminals couldn't get their hands on military assault weapons, and we put 100,000 cops into our nation's communities where they could make an impact and stop crimes," he said.

Update: Dave Koppel writes on the expiration. The ban is a typical "bait and switch."

Kerry is right when he says that nobody needs an AK-47 to go hunting. Kerry has been duped, however, into believing that "assault-weapon" laws are about banning the AK-47, rather than about banning as many ordinary guns as possible, including Kerry's new shotgun.

Also read Dr. Timothy Wheeler. [links via Instapundit.]

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