Payroll Data Debunks Bush Service Claim

Say hello to the AWOL Project--devoted to examining the Bush Military Files. Their latest debunks Bush's claim that he attended make-up sessions in Boston.

The recent release of the “missing” payroll records from George W. Bush’s tenure in the Texas Air National Guard confirm that Bush did not show up for any of his mandatory training for five straight months.

Follow the paper trail. The site says:

The proof that Bush and his spokespeople have been lying about “making up” the required training is found in the “transaction data” at the bottom of Bush’s quarterly payroll reports.These lines of data show what was on the punch cards that were used to enter data into the payroll system. The information includes not just the days for which Bush was paid for training. When “substitute training” was performed, the data reveals which month’s training was being “made up.” (see Appendix 2: Understanding the Payroll Data.)

How about Bush's "Oh, they had the wrong address but knew how to find me" claim? Debunked here, again by the paper trail. Campaign Extra sums up the evidence:

It shows that on January 30, 1974, long after Bush had moved to Cambridge, a "Retirement Credit Summary" was mailed to Bush at the apartment where he'd once lived in Houston. Bush apparently didn't respond, because on March 7, 1974, the Air Reserve Personnel Center, or ARPC, Guard tried to send mail to Bush at a different Houston address -- an Longmont Ave. apartment that had belonged to his father in 1968 and had been listed in his initial application as an "emergency contact" address.

A May 1 letter from ARPC is sent to an address at Harvard Business School, but with the wrong zip code. At some point, in an undated letter, Bush finally wrote to the ARPC and provided his correct address -- only because he wants to find out how he can get out of the standby reserves!

AWOL Project concludes:

This address sequence, especially the inclusion of the ”Longmont” address, can only be explained if Bush was not responding to significant communications from the Air Force, and in fact was being treated as a “non-locatee.” Bush’s status as a “non-locatee” provides the explanation for his being placed on “inactive status” on or around January 30th, 1974, and the fact that the Longmont address is used over a month after that date indicates that he remained a “non-locatee” for some time.

Bottom line, according to the Awol Project:

For years, George W. Bush has been lying about his “service” in the United States Armed Forces, not just about making up for mandatory training that he missed, but with regard to virtually everything having to do with the last third of his six year statutorily mandated commitment. The payroll data provides absolute and indisputable proof that Bush is lying about his military records.

[links via Campaign Extra]

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