Pregnant Drug User Charged With First Degree Murder

For the first time, Oklahoma has brought first degree murder charges against a woman whose baby was stillborn based on drugs the mother ingested while pregnant. Prosecutors say there will be more such cases filed in the future:

A 27-year-old Oklahoma woman has been charged with first-degree murder after doctors said the woman's illegal drug use caused her baby to be stillborn, prosecutors said on Thursday. It is the first time the state has charged a woman with first-degree murder for using illegal drugs that are suspected of killing the fetus she carried, Oklahoma County prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said they filed first-degree murder charges against Theresa Hernandez late on Wednesday. Police arrested Hernandez after she gave birth to a dead boy at an Oklahoma City hospital in April. A doctor attending the birth told police the mother and baby tested positive for methamphetamine and ruled the death a homicide. Doctors told police the baby had enough methamphetamine in his system to kill two adults.

Oklahoma County District Attorney Wes Lane said: "We've been wanting to do this with a number of people. This has been needing to happen for a long time."

How much meth does it take to kill two adults? And if such amount really is determinable, how come it didn't kill the pregnant woman? How much money is the State of Oklahoma going to spend to attempt to prove the woman's drug taking caused the death of the fetus? Treatment, not jail, would be a wiser investment. America. Prison Nation.

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