Mothers Opposing Bush

Look for the new ad by Mothers Opposing Bush:

Far from the convention-centric streets of Midtown, on Greenwich Street in Tribeca, a nascent political action committee launched its very first television ad Wednesday afternoon. Mothers Opposing Bush, a group of women who say they "didn't want to wake up in November 2004 to the same politics and policies we believe are unhealthy for our children and our planet," debuted a 30-second spot starring Edie Falco, aka "Carmela" on HBO's "The Sopranos."

"Mothers always put their children first," Falco says in the ad. "Mr. Bush, can you say the same?" She closes the spot, which begins a three-day run tomorrow on CNN, by urging viewers to "join the MOB. How could you not?"

Go here and join the MOB today.

[hat tip National Journal.]

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