Kobe Prosecutors to Drop Case

Big, big Kobe case news. Reports are that the Prosecution will drop the sexual assault charge against Kobe Bryant tomorrow morning. Huge win for Kobe and his defense team. And the right decision.

Original post:

The defense is charging the prosecution is still hiding evidence favorable to Kobe Bryant and has asked the Judge to dismiss the case:

In a motion made public Wednesday, defense attorneys said a forensics expert whom prosecutors had planned to call as a witness had information that "undermined the accuser's allegations and the prosecution's case, and corroborated Mr. Bryant's defense on a central issue -- the cause and significance of the accuser's alleged injuries."

The filing said those opinions were not disclosed to the defense until they contacted the expert Friday, despite repeated requests to prosecutors for the information. Prosecutors have said they have turned over all information they were required to. The judge gave prosecutors until Tuesday -- the day opening statements are scheduled to begin -- to respond to the defense motion.

"A person's life and liberty are at stake," the defense attorneys wrote. "The game of hide-the-ball, find-it-if-you-can discovery is intolerable."

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