Bush Daughters a Bust

Update: The bad reviews are universal. Worse than bad. They made a sex joke about their grandmother? Even the conservative press is appalled. Send them off to graduate school (not Iraq, we should be asking people to come home from there, not to go there.)


Amy Sullivan and Kevin Drum at Washington Monthly say the Bush daughters were a bust. So did the Fox News commentators tonight.

Even Conservatives Hated Them....The verdict from the Fox News crew on Jenna, Barbara, and Laura is not good.
Bill Kristol: "The last half hour did not help, as far as I can tell, Bush's campaign for reelection."
Mort Kondracke: "Those two girls were ditzes. I'm surprised they were allowed on the program."
Fred Barnes: "I think she [Laura] had no place up there or the daughters either....Their mother said they'll be pursuing their own careers. I would advise them to look in some field other than comedy."

So do the TalkLeft commenters in the open thread on tonight's speeches. One wrote:

How crass were the Bush girls - no sophistication, no depth, no shame. Like father, like daughters. Karl Rove messed up on that "speech". Even the elder Bushes were embarrassed. The fate of the free world lies upon the outcome of this election and they introduce their father with references to Sex and the City. This family lacks "smart" and "intellectually curious" genes. What a shameful day for America. What crass and vapid young women.


The Twins were a disaster, Laura was mechanical and stiff. Hopefully their disasterous performances will end the extended family campaigning. Christe Todd started it in NJ, its should be buried their with Nixon. BTW arnold's nixon reference was unseemly as Rudy's speaking for the 9-11 families. The convention has been both crass and offensive.

And one more:

how unbelievably offensive was it to hear
1. the bush twins giggling about how they are done with college and have a few years and are looking for something to do. Why don't they enlist?
2. Laura Bush thank the rest of america for their sacrifice as their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters are sent off to fight ehr husband's war while her able-bodied yound adult daughters giggle about having nothing to do.
Makes me so sick to hear this when my brother could be sent to iraq any day now and if (i prefer "if" though he says it's "When") he is sent I don't know how my family will get a peaceful night's sleep.

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