Cheney Bashes the Trial Lawyers

I have to say, after the fanatical Zell Miller, Cheney is easy on the ears. But what about substance? He's co-opting FDR as his own. He's pushing his own family values.

He wants every child to have a chance to suceed. He wishes his grandkids a world of freedom, safety and peace. So do we all, why doesn't he understand that this is why Bush needs to go?

A gratuitous slap at the trial lawyers. Rote applause. Did someone flash a sign that said "Clap now?"

Lots of trite platitudes in the speech. Whoops, there goes a protester. Cheney smiles.

One nice touch. He mentioned Kerry's Vietnam service and said "We honor him for it." The crowd applauded.

Then he attacked Kerry's record. On cue, the crowd boos for Kerry's record. They are like marionettes with someone behind the podium pulling their strings.

I'm looking at the delegates for the first time. It's a sea of white....like mayonnaise.

Now Cheney is praising the use of military force. The crowd cheers. Warmongers all. He criticizes Kerry's vote for the war but against funding it. Now the crowd is chanting flip-flop.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the screen, here's what's flashing: "Terror alert elevated."

Cheney is pleased with himself. Listing the flip-flops. Now on the Two Americas--"America sees two John Kerrys."

Nice speech, no impact. Nothing new. Tuning out now.

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