1,000 Protesters Arrested Tuesday

New York police report that 1,000 protesters were arrested Tuesday:

Nearly 1,000 protesters were arrested across Manhattan on Tuesday as swarms of activists massed in the streets for marches to the site of the Republican convention - by far the biggest day of arrests since the demonstrations began last week.

There were no immediate reports of violence, but police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said officers showed "great restraint in the face of relentless provocation" by the protesters.

No violence? Then why were they arrested? Wasn't it just last week Mayor Bloomberg was offering shopping discounts to non-violent protesters as a welcoming gesture?

Heightened security against the protests has turned Manhattan into a crazy-quilt of barriers, heavily armed police and street-corner activists.....Outside the New York Public Library, in the streets near the famed Herald Square and at the site of the fallen World Trade Center, demonstrators pointed themselves toward Madison Square Garden and promised to get their message across that they want President Bush out of office.

On the library's stone steps, hundreds of protesters gathered for the march. Verbal confrontations erupted as police moved them away from the library's front door and wrapped the block in orange netting, and about 75 people were taken into custody before the crowd thinned out.

Near Ground Zero, officers also encircled scores of demonstrators with orange netting during a protest before the march. Detained protesters were loaded onto an off-duty city bus, and police put the count at about 200. The demonstrators insisted they were following police orders. An Associated Press photographer was detained briefly in the cordon before being released; a photo messenger working with the photographer was arrested and taken into custody.

Yesterday had the Halliburton protest:

Outside the midtown hotel where Texas delegates are staying, about two dozen protesters, depicting employees of "Hallibacon," grunted through plastic pig snouts Tuesday and wallowed in stacks of fake $100 bills bearing the images of Bush and Cheney. The protesters accused Cheney and Halliburton, the company he once led, of profiting from the war in Iraq and its aftermath. They chanted: "We love money. We love war. We love Cheney even more."

Here's a chart from the New York Times showing the sites and times of the arrests.

Isn't this just creative protesting? Exercising one's First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and assembly? Where is it written that these rights don't apply within a ten block radius of Madison Square Garden?

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