Zell Miller: 'Get Out of My Face'

Amazing fight between Zell Miller and Chris Matthews on Hardball. Miller is a hothead, to put a positive spin on it. Matthews was freaked by the attack. Now even JC Watts is sticking up for Matthews. But Matthews is interrupting Watts the way he does everyone. I like Matthews, but he needs to watch the tapes of his shows and let someone else talk. That rat-a-tat-tat takes a toll on the viewer. But, again, Zell Miller just unloaded on him...catch the rerun if you can. Howard Dean was a puppy by comparison--at his loudest.

Update: The mock jury on msnbc loved Zell Miller's speech. One called it "uplifting and optimistic." They said he had more credibility because he was a democrat. Only one person said he was overboard. If this represents voters in general, this country is in big trouble. The war machine is here to stay.

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