Rocking for Choice

Here are our pictures from the Planned Parenthood concert, Stand Up for Choice, at the Beacon Theatre (74th and Broadway) tonight. It was a great show. Joan Osborne, Moby, Patrice, the house band (GE Smith), Lewis Black and Lou Reed were the standouts. They came together at the end to sing the Buffalo Springfield song that begins "There's something Happening Here...." Moby opened his set with Neil Young's "Four Dead in Ohio."

A delegation of Republicans for Choice was present and they were duly applauded and saluted. The goal of Planned Parenthood now is to pass a federal choice act that would codify Roe v. Wade. That way, even if Bush wins, and gets to appoint three more Supreme Court justices who would reverse the decision, (three on the High Court already lean that way,) they would be powerless in the face of a federal statute. The Planned Parenthood spokespersons talked about the war on choice and said we are in danger of losing this freedom. So go help them out if you can.

Ok, now the pictures:

The Stage before the show
Larger Version

From the Back: (left) Nic (The TL Kid); Brad; front left:, Jesse (Pandagon), Kate, Ezra(Pandagon)
Larger Version

The finale
Larger Version

Lou Reed
Larger version

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