Compromise: Sunday March to End at Union Square Park

Mahablog found this CNN article announcing that United for Peace and Justice and the NYPD have reached an agreement. The Sunday march will be end at Union Square Park instead of Central Park. Here's the details from the UPJ website. Note that they are asking marchers not to break out in groups and head to Central Park. This is a good compromise. The march will go past the Garden. Some side streets will be blocked off to serve as feeders for the marchers. It's way better than the West Side Highway. If you're planning on protesting Sunday, please honor UPand J's agreement and stay away from Central Park[added: until the UP and J march has concluded.]

The plans for our march assembly remain what they have been: We will gather beginning at 10:00AM in the area from 15th Street to 22nd Street, stretching from Fifth Avenue to Ninth Avenue. We will march up Seventh Avenue past Madison Square Garden, the site of the Republican National Convention. From there, we will turn east on 34th Street, march to Fifth Avenue, then march down Fifth Avenue to 23rd Street and then march down Broadway. The final destination for our march will be Union Square, where we will conclude our historic march.

... We are committed to having a safe, legal protest march, that anyone and everyone can attend – kids, seniors, immigrants, people with disabilities. We therefore are NOT leading our march to Central Park, and we ask everyone who plans to participate in our march to respect our desire for a safe and legal event, and not to organize breakaway marches from it to the Park.

Update: Commenter S. Preston is correct. UP and J is not asking people to stay away from Central Park, just not to go there till its march has concluded:

To those who wish both to march with us and to assert their right to assemble in Central Park on Sunday, we ask that you follow our march to the end, disperse peacefully at Union Square, and then make your own way to the Great Lawn.

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