Judge Blasts Prosecution in Albany Federal Terror Case

We wrote last week about the federal bail hearing for two Islamic men in Albany in an Ashcroft terror case that was coming apart at the seams. Today, they were ordered released from custody, and the Judge blasted the prosecution:

Two Islamic men accused of supporting terrorism after an FBI sting operation were ordered released from jail on Tuesday by a judge who blasted the government's case by saying there is no evidence they have any links to terrorists. U.S. Magistrate David Homer ruled Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain should be released on $250,000 bonds and held in home detention under electronic surveillance while they await trial. He said that could take up to two years so the men will be allowed to work and attend mosque until the trial.

Defense lawyer Terry Kindlon had this to say:

Defense attorney Terence Kindlon said the government was not merely overzealous but had presented false information. "We've gone from something that sounded sinister and ominous and scary and terrible to zero in less than two weeks," he told the judge. "Our government doesn't need to go after a pizza man and an Iman who are perfectly innocent." He added: "All we have here is basically the wreckage of the first hearing at which the government presented a lot of information that turned out to be bogus."

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