Report: Abu Ghraib was 'Animal House'

In follow-up to TalkLeft's post this morning on the new U.S. report showing abuse of Iraqi teenagers at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, now there's this:

Abuses photographed at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq represented "deviant behavior and a failure of military leadership and discipline" at the facility, but direct and indirect responsibility for those acts and others elsewhere went higher up the chain of command, an independent panel reported Tuesday. The prison's weaknesses were no secret and they should have been fixed, said James Schlesinger, chairman of the four-member advisory panel appointed by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in early May to investigate abuse allegations.

"We believe that there is institutional and personal responsibility right up the chain of command as far as Washington is concerned," Schlesinger told a news conference to release the report.....There was sadism on the night shift at Abu Ghraib, sadism that was certainly not authorized,"Schlesinger said. "It was kind of 'Animal House' on the night shift.

Update: The text of the report is here. (pdf.)

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